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About - india real estate investment and nri property management services from usa:

LiveNRI is a full-service India real estate and NRI property management services company that walks its clients through every step of the process of buying a home in India and managing your real estate as NRIs.

LiveNRI provides NRIs worldwide hassle-free property investments, management and related services in India, from the comfort of their home.

We offer the entire suite of services for successful and streamlined real-estate buying in India. Our experienced staff helps you identify and build a property portfolio in emerging cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Goa, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and many more.

Our expertise starts with property consulting. We identify attractive opportunities from premium developers in the city of your choice including handling the specifics of documentation property purchase in India. We then offer on-going services to manage the property by leasing and property management. Finally, we help our clients sell their property and plot an exit strategy from their investments

India’s booming real estate market has created an opportunity for NRIs to achieve great returns. LiveNRI facilitates NRIs a hassle-free real estate investment.

For more information Please call us on our toll free number +1-855-444-6747 or visit our website

Our Background

Representing India’s premium developers for about 4 years, we seek out the best real-estate investment opportunities for our clients. As property representatives/advisors, we make sure our customers get benefited in every deal.

The company was founded in USA, in the year 2008. LiveNRI has completed on transactions worth more than several hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

LiveNRI has built up an efficient sales network across United States. We have our presence in the east and west coasts, south, mid-west and south central parts of the country.

Our track record in India real estate property investment ensures we are uniquely positioned to deal with multi city real estate markets in Tier-I and Tier-II cities. We help identify property for sale in Indian cities such as like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-Noida-NCR-Gurgaon, through emerging markets such as Pune, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad and Goa to high- growth cities like Amritsar, Ghaziabad.

Property shows and Seminars:

LiveNRI conducts India property shows and seminars in North and South Americas.

The property shows and seminars provide comprehensive information about the Indian real estate market and NRI property investment opportunities in India. Participants will be able to look at a spectrum of properties and real estate options available in various cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Goa, and Chennai.

LiveNRI will present investment options and financing sources available for NRIs and PIOs in seminars. Our panel of experts will also guide attendees about the procedure for NRIs to buy the property in India.

Why LiveNRI?

Trust and Expertise: For the past four years LiveNRI have served several hundred customers and helped them in identifying, purchasing and sometimes resale of the units. The trust comes from the large number of returning customers

Our excellent customer service enabled us achieving several hundred-million-dollars’ worth of transactions. Our professional staff handles all business with expertise that clients don’t have to worry about details and follow ups. Our representative will arrange a vehicle and accompany you for a construction site visit. When you are in India on a vacation all you have to tell us is when and where you want the ride.

Legal & Due Diligence

LiveNRI conducts rigorous due diligence into any property developer before getting into partnership to make sure the clients investments are safe. That includes background checks on the company and its principals, as well as risk analysis and adherence to corporate governance, government approvals and fallback plans of the companies in case of contingencies. Making a property purchase decision being abroad can often prove complicated, particularly for NRIs and Overseas Citizens of India for submitting all legal documents. As experts we are able to walk our clients through the process and help them with any legal and transactional complexities.

Before working in any specific city, we review all legal documents with the local law firm in India, to ensure maximum protection for our clients.

We also make sure that our clients understand the specifics of the real-estate rules regarding purchases, sales and ownership, to give our clients a full picture of their rights and obligations.


Since each client is dealt one-on-one basis, every details is taken care of. Assisting you with investing in India real estate for long-term wealth building is our passion. Let LiveNRI help you to buy properties in India and assist you investing in the growing Indian real estate market.

Our staff takes care of the paper work, documentation after submitting necessary documents by clients. LiveNRI follows up with the developers and get back to you with receipts, construction updates, site construction pictures and other relevant communications from the developers as well as general real estate trends in and around your property area.

Outstanding Customer Service

LiveNRI team have known NRI real estate investors requirements for years and our professionals are passionate about securing you an ideal property and offer you property management services to nurture your investment. Our staff walks you through every step of the process of buying and managing India real estate. Rest assured, NRIs can safely invest in India real estate market without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes.

In the real estate as well as the property management market, companies are trending towards using technology to communicate with clients. LiveNRI continues to be at the forefront of this trend. But, a deep rooted belief that technology can never replace human inter-action and accountability drives us to continue offering more and more personal touches to our customer service program.

So while clients can always use technology to stay in touch, LiveNRI also believes in reaching out to and touching base with every client every month. This dedication to provide outstanding customer service is the reason for so many of our clients purchase multiple properties and are comfortable referring us to colleagues, clients, friends and family.

It is the mission of the LiveNRI to provide the best customer service to NRIs for investing estate and to make an experience with our company exceptional!

For more information Please call us on our toll free number +1-855-444-6747 or visit our website

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